Screen Test 34 | William Higgins

Boda Gold is up for a screen test with Alan Carly. They are laying on the bed enjoying some porn on Boda’s phone and discussing how hard it has made them. As they kiss their hands roam over each other. They move onto their knees, losing T-shirts in the process and continue kissing. Boda kisses his way down Alan’s sexy chest and then opens his jeans. As Alan pushes his jeans down Boda grabs at the underwear releasing a big, stiff, cock. He takes the cock in his mouth and begins sucking on it. He licks and sucks the rock hard cock as Alan gently thrusts it into his mouth. Then Boda lays down as Alan gets to work on his cock. He pulls off the underwear and closes his lips around Boda’s stiff cock. He sucks it deep into his mouth and feels Boda pushing his head down on the dick. Then they kiss again before Alan goes back to sucking on the cock. He really works that dick hard, his lips closed tight around the thick shaft. Boda thrusts upward to push his cock deeper into Alan’s mouth. Then Alan releases the cock and Boda pulls his legs in the air. This gives Alan access to the tight hole. His tongue quickly finds the hole and starts to lap at it. Boda’s cock stays so hard as his hole is rimmed. Then Alan asks to fuck that hot ass. He lays down and Boda straddles him, sliding his hot ass down on Alan’s thick cock. He rides up and down on the cock taking it deep into his hot ass. His own dick bounces as he keeps riding Alan’s cock. He dismounts and turns around to sit back down on the thick cock. Alan fucks upwards to really go deep into the eager hole. Boda lays on the bed, legs up for Alan to pound his tight hole some more. Boda keeps up his wanking as his ass takes the big cock all the way. Soon he can’t hold back and dumps his hot, creamy, cum all over his belly as Alan’s cock works his hole. Alan keeps fucking until he is ready too and then pulls out to shoot his hot cum over Boda’s hot body. Plus, two more equally hot scenes.

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