Beau And Elian Tag Dane | CorbinFisher

“Have you ever been to Paris, Dane?”

“No, but I want to see the Eiffel Tower.”

There’s nothing quite like being the center of attention between two hot studs, especially when it’s Beau and Elian. These two start by taking turns rimming Dane’s hot ass and sucking his thick cock, making out in between to share the taste of him. Then they make use of his sexy mouth while continuing to eat him out, until he’s begging for their cocks up his ass.

Beau slides inside Dane first, while Dane gags on Elian’s big dick, while Beau and Elian hold hands to give him that true Eiffel Tower experience he was looking for. Dane’s rock hard as he takes a pounding from both ends, moaning as he slurps on Elian. Once Beau gets Dane nice and ready for Elian’s cock, Dane climbs up on him and rides him, taking turn bouncing on each of their cocks. Always perfect gentlemen, Beau and Elian make sure Dane blows his load first, they both make him eat their cum!

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