Conner Mason and Dylan Drive | Conner Mason Gets Rim Job By Dylan | CollegeDudes 

Conner Mason and Dyland Drive have some sexy chemistry, and these horny guys don’t hesitate to act on their urges as they make out and suck cock.  Conner gets a taste of Dylan’s meat first, savoring that sweet cock as he deepthroats it and then lets Dylan get at his dick next.  Dylan wraps his soft lips around Conner’s prick but has some other oral in mind as he spreads Conner’s ass cheeks apart and licks that tight hole, warming it up with a rimjob before he sticks his dick in it!

Conner groans with pleasure as he takes Dylan’s long shaft, his perfect ass bouncing with each of Dylan’s deep pumps.  Conner climbs on top of Dylan’s lap, straddling that dick and pushing his ass down onto it, feeling each inch as it fills him up and then he rides it, jerking his own cock while he gets fucked.  Dylan lays Conner back on the bed and pounds him some more as Conner strokes his dick until he shoots his load and Dylan gets in a few more good thrusts before pulling out and covering Conner in a tons of cum!

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