Dom Ully and JD Carlo | Randy Blue 

Dom Ully is smoking at the window. JD Carlo wants to get a puff too. They finish a cig together and then start to make out. The kissing turns them on so much that they have to get naked. The two naked dudes start exploring each other’s bodies. JD Carlo sucks on Dom first. Dom gets so hard from having this straight man suck on his cock all the way down to his balls. Then JD leans back and unleashes the beast. JD has one of the thickest cocks in Randy Blue Universe. Dom sucks it down as best he can. But it is choking a bitch good. Then JD wants to fuck. He throws Dom down and starts to rim his ass. He gets that ass open and ready. Then JD sits back and lets Dom sit down on that giant cock. He yells out as it opens him up. JD pounds up into him and starts to fuck him hard. JD fucks him on the couch and then moves tot he bedroom. They fuck until JD can’t hold back anymore. He pulls out and cums all over Dom’s ass. Then Dom flips over and cums all over his rock hard abs.

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