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Fresh from the pipin’ hot Helix oven, newcomer Dylan Hayes ignites the screen from the word go with blond boy Julian Bell! Bypassing any small talk, these two cut to the chase and get right to tasting one another…. absolutely everywhere! After tearing the newest “it guy” out of his bulge hugging black undies, Julian jams the kid’s giant jock all the way in his thirsty throat. He worships the world class weapon on his knees, working every inch of the kid’s thick dick down deep. The newbie gets nasty, grabbing Julian by the back of that pretty blond head and making him juice his joystick for all he’s worth! Hayes likes to give just as good as he got and newbie winds up on his knees with a mouthful of Bell’s nordic knob! The golden boy gives a gagging good groin gobble, complete with schlong stretching sound effects that’ll be masturbation music to your ears. Hayes’ hind end is absolute heaven and Bell definitely wants a piece. Dylan lays back on the bed and lifts his thick, tree trunk thighs in the air so julian can open Hayes’ heavenly gates with his tongue. Then, he busts inside the boy’s booty like gangbusters! The beautiful, smooth, blond twink proves looks can be deceiving as he DOMINATES the dude’s derriere with cocky, cock slamming confidence! After beating the kid’s ass for a bit, Bell takes a relaxing seat right on top of Dylan’s magnificent piece of bareback meat. Hayes handles Bell by his slender hips, heaving him down onto his thick dick for maximum pleasure. After a short joyride, Julian jumps up to finish what he started, only this time Dylan is gonna get it doggy style. Our famous cock-cam catches the boy’s big round, firm booties as Bell bangs the breaks off Hayes’ hungry hole! The harder Bell hits it, the more “dick whore Dylan” asks for! This kid was BUILT for fucking! Julian jacks it up with a little love choke, which sends Hayes’ hand down to handle his hog which is about to heave some hefty seed. Dylan douses the dark duvet, painting it with pure white wads of pleasure. Julian continues jackhammering the hell out of Hayes’ hole, who is STILL taking it like a champ by the way! Bell pulls out his greasy gun and fires his fuck ALL over Dylan’s deliciously smooth full moon along with a few stray shots that land all the way up his boy’s back. Our top twink jams that freshly juiced jock back in Dylan’s dick cream covered can and is met with moans of sweet satisfaction.

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