Kieran Benning and Dylan Maguire Part 1 | FreshMen 

After a prolonged wait, we are finally present Kieran Benning in his fiirst scene here (even though it is not his first scene filmed). It was after some hesitation that I chose this 2 day, flip flop scene as his premiere.  It was chosen as I think it will show how he is a good versatile performer. Great as a top and very intense as a bottom, and today he has another great versatile partner, Dylan Maguire.
This scene is a guess quite good, although not perfect as Kieran is still quite inexperienced here. I have no special doubts to believe that you will like his as much as I do.
GD: This scene is a bit of a milestone for us as we are coming into another Slovak generation performing, as both guy here are from Slovakia.

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