Mickey Knox And Robin Moore | Meet Tate | ColbyKnox

In this weeks new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, Mickey Knox is in the market for a new home. Things seem to be progressing normally until Colby Chambers, the friendly neighborhood real estate agent sets Mickey loose to inspect the house on his own. He keeps seeing a glimpse, just a flash in the corner of his eye, of a young sexy stranger meandering through the house. But every time Mickey goes to get a full look, he’s gone. That is until Robin Moore finally materializes long enough to take Mickey Knox’s large thick dick into his mouth. Doesn’t take long before Mickey finds himself balls deep in the mysterious stranger and loving it to much to ask what the hell is happening. Robin doesn’t give without expecting something in return, before you know it he has Mickey bent over ass up begging for his beautiful well proportioned cock. Robin Moore obliges him with intensity and purpose, like he hasn’t gotten any in years. The two enjoy fucking the hell out of each other until they just cant hold it anymore, both erupting in two hot, sticky loads of cum.

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