It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Jace hook up with a guy for his first time. CF veteran Harper opened Jace’s mind and eyes to new possibilities! After witnessing first-hand how immensely pleasurable getting fucked can be he’s been more than curious – he’s been on the prowl!

Having similar personalities and interests, Jace and Nash quickly became friends. Jace also couldn’t help but admire Nash’s body and the sexual appetite he carries with him. So he goes out on a limb sees if Nash might want to break him in – little did he know what he was in for!

One thing that Jace did not know ahead of time – was how big Nash’s cock is! But once he’s in the moment there was no backing out for him! I’m quite impressed with how well Jace takes to bottoming – of course with a big cock like that he was bound to feel all sorts new sensations! Meanwhile Nash is loving the feeling of a tight virgin ass working up and down his shaft. In the end, Jace has zero regrets going in big – rather he’s looking forward to riding another fat cock soon!