Paul Delay And William Lefort | French Twinks

Paul Delay and William Lefort work on the construction site of the new studios of French Twinks but of course they want to fuck rather than tinker! William is looking at Paul’s ass, who’s on a ladder and he cannot resist coming to spank him. Paul’s pants slipped and he found himself naked ready to kiss William while masturbating him. The two twinks are greedy for sex and Paul does not take long to grab the hard cock of William to put it in his mouth. Paul is on his knees sucking William, right in the middle of the building site. His expert tongue licks almost make William cum. He’s moaning loudly, panting and breathing. William then returns Paul to eat and finger his ass. The twink feasts and while his small hole expands he encourages William to fuck him. William thrusts Paul’s head through the ladder and comes to put his nice cock in his tight ass. Clinging to the metal bars Paul get pounded deeply by our young stallion. William is full of energy and Paul enjoys each cock blow shouting of pleasure. It’s then Paul who comes to ride William and impale himself on him as deeply as possible. The fucking is getting more and more intense, the pace accelerates and Paul can no longer restrain himself from blowing his load of cum. The twink explodes in several jets over his stomach. William who is very excited to have made his partner cum during fucking him ends up discharging his boiling sperm over the mouth of Paul.

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