Putting Quinn and Trey together almost felt like putting together mirror images in a way. They’re so much alike in personality and, of course, their craving to get fucked. In thinking about who would be the better one to top, I came up with the perfect solution – a flip fuck!

What I didn’t know is they would get so turned on that they would start fucking before we even had cameras in the room!  I know both of these guys are always enthusiastic about sex in general, but this was ridiculous. We came in on them mid-fuck, but it was so hot, we just kept going.

I wondered how things would go between the two of them, but being with another power bottom seemed to bring out the power top in Trey! Trey gets a little rough with Quinn as he pounds his ass into the bed. Quinn loves, it, the smile never leaving his face.

Quinn rides Trey, sucks on his fingers and generally enjoys every second and every inch of Trey’s body (and his dick). Then he wants his turn.

Quinn teases Trey’s ass with the head of his cock and with his fingers and tongue. Finally, he shoves his dick into Trey’s hole. Fucking Trey brings out the dominant side of Quinn and he thrusts hard into Trey’s hot ass.