Ryan Marchal and Jonathan Garnier | French Twinks

After a festive evening on the French Riviera, Ryan Marchal and Jonathan Garnier sleep deeply. The day rises, Jonathan open his

eyes gently and discovers a beautiful morning erection in his boxer—brief. The twink begins to touch himself while watching his friend
who is still sleeping and who’s also hard.

Jonathan is very excited by the situation and decides to wake Ryan in the most beautiful way. it’s while jacking off his smooth dick that
he caresses the body of Ryan with his hand and then with his wet tongue to tickle his nipples and to go down to suck his cock. Ryan
wakes up like in a dream, his big dick in the mouth of an adorable twink. After this greedy blowjob, the two boys move to 69 position to
suck each other and Ryan takes opportunity to play with the pink hole of Jonathan. Jonathan then goes on all fours and Ryan,
although he’s usually bottom, cannot refuse this pleasure his buddy. It’s not that easy for Ryan to put his wide dick into the tight hole of
the twink. Jonathan screams and he will be moaning loudly nonstop as Ryan pounds his ass. In a mix of intense pleasure and slight

pain Jonathan is deeply and roughly fucked by Ryan who proves us he’s a very efficient top. It’s then lying on the back that Jonathan
will cum still covered with the hot sperm that Ryan has just spread on his balls.

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