Matteo Lavigne, Loïc Miller, Kevin Ventura, Paul Delay and Abel Lacourt continue their kinky in Nice and tonight it’s the gay bar “Red Kafé” that they will have a drink. As the glasses empty, the atmosphere is getting hotter around the table and Paul sees a beautiful blonde, alone at the next table. An exchange of very evocative looks begins between Paul and the gorgeous stranger, then it’ss Abel who uses his best smile to convince the tourist to join them at the table. The five boys make acquaintance with Eden Frost. And the northern charm of this cute blonde seems to have a strong effect on Abel and Paul who literally lap up everything he says and devour him with their eyes. When Paul misses a few moments to go to the toilet, Abel takes advantage of the situation to discreetly slide his phone number to Eden before joining Paul in the W.C. Abel surprises his friend pissing and the two boys jump on. A passionate kiss between two doors that turns into a blowjob and bring our two ephebes to return immediately to the apartment to satisfy their desires. Abel and Paul throw themselves into the bed, kiss, caress and undress progressively in an erotic game of great complicity. Paul discovers the big cock of Abel hard as wood and begins to suck him. Excited as ever, the young Abel puts Paul on all fours and to fuck him wildly before turning him on his back to pound his ass stronger. A reciprocal passion that takes our two twinks, never satisfied to try a completely new experience for them. Fist Fucking! Abel expands Paul’s hole gradually, inserting two, three and then four fingers and gently forces the passage to arrive after a few minutes to introduce his full hand and wrist. Paul moans loudly and seems to be projected into another dimension between extreme happiness and slight pain. To finish in beauty Abel will squirt on the face of Paul which will have the effect of making him cuming simultaneously.