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Alan Davis has had a rough day on Twink Street and needs a massage from beau Grayson Lange, that or this is his clever way of making the hottie get handsy! Either way, Lange is happy to do it but it isn’t long before the message falls by the wayside and Lange is layin’ hands on Davis’s other muscle! Both brunette boys are stunningly beautiful with hardly any grass on the field. Lange chokes down Davis dick with youthful enthusiasm before Alan returns the fellatio favor and ups the ante with an ass eating. He gets the smooth tight hole wet so Lange can lay his ass on top bareback and slide right down on that dick. Alan obviously hits Grayson’s G-spot when they get dirty in doggy style as the kid moans like a whore in heat and it’s hot as FUCK! One good turn deserves another and Grayson turns the tables on his buddy, planting his pretty face in Alan’s amazing ass before replacing it with his throbbing cock! He jacks his buddy’s hammer as the two twinks settle into a rhythm, getting lost in their young lust and quickly approaching orgasmic ecstasy. Lange lays pipe hard and fast, pushing Alan’s cum to the surface, then he whips his cock out and showers Davis with dick. Alan looks delicious covered in cum, so enticing Grayson goes in for one last hot kiss.

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