Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Scotty Knox | A Boy Can Dream | ColbyKnox

Fantasizing about your favorite porn stars is something i think we might all be guilty of. For sure it’s something that we have all thought about. Getting to spend time with that special someone that really pushes all your buttons. Well tonight as Scotty Knox lays in his bath tub touching himself to his favorite scenes, he is thinking about Colby and Mickey. He first seen them on Chaturbate and then started watching their movies on the site. Scotty is particularly drawn to Colby and his lean muscular body. The way Colby’s muscles flex each time he thrusts his cock inside his partner is mesmerizing. He loves the way Colby dominates in the bed and takes what he wants. On top of all that there is still Mickey, A complete stud who will fuck you senseless given the chance. Between the two of them Scotty knows he would have his hands full but why not fantasize about it. He closes his eyes and imagines they are in his bedroom.

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