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As Devin Adams and Conner Mason’s clothes come off, these two sexy guys lock lips and exchange some kisses before Conner is getting on his knees and taking Devin’s long shaft in his mouth. The longer Conner works that dick with his tongue, the bigger Devin grows and when he’s hard as fuck he gets Conner on the bed and sucks his knob, deepthroating it and licking his balls as Conner moans for more of that skilled mouth. When Devin’s gotten a fill of that cock he flips Conner over and goes for that ass, rimming Conner’s tight hole and then pushing his hard dick into it, letting his prick slowly fill Conner up until his ass is stretched around Devin’s girth. He pounds his member into Conner, fucking him hard as Conner’s ass bounces and then they switch position and when Conner gets on his ass, legs spread and Devin’s cock in between them, he shoots a huge load and Devin busts a nut too, coming hard as he drops his cum all over Conner!

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