This is an episode that absolutely had to happen. With Rowan’s hot cock, stamina, and ability to pound away non-stop; with Truman having fully embraced how much he enjoys getting fucked and so undeniably enjoying how it feels, we needed to get Rowan and Truman paired up with one another, and Rowan’s hard cock in Truman’s ass.
One of the things I like most about seeing Truman get fucked is he still sometimes looks like he can’t quite make sense of how good it all feels, and how much he’s enjoying it. Certainly, he’ll occasionally have a pained look on his face while it’s happening. It’s as if we’re getting to see him get fucked for the very first time, every time! It doesn’t take much for that pained look to give way to an expression of pure bliss and pleasure, though, and Rowan’s steady pounding here really does the trick for Truman.
It also doesn’t take much for these two to desperately want to swallow up each other’s cum, and that’s precisely what they both do at the end of this episode full of ass-pounding and throat-fucking!