Thomas Takes Timothy | CorbinFisher

Timothy and his huge cock have made quite the splash here at CF, and it’s Thomas’s turn to ride the wave! These two are a study in contrasts – Timothy is tall, lean, and clean-cut, while Thomas is more compact and has a rugged, scruffy look, so it’s pure magic when we let them go at each other. “Poor” Thomas can barely fit Timothy’s cock in his mouth, but he’s more than happy to slurp and suck on that big slab of meat anyway, before Timothy pushes it inside his tight ass!

Thomas turns into a moaning, groaning mess while Timothy fucks him for all he’s worth, long-dicking him with that monster member until Thomas can’t take it anymore and blows his load all over himself. Timothy cums all over Thomas’s back, before sliding himself all the way back inside one last time, before these two share a hot, soapy shower – a perfect, wet way to spend an afternoon!

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