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Zane Taylor and Jay Alexander pull their clothes off as their lips press together, kissing each other hard until Zane sinks to his knees to find out what Jay’s sweet cock tastes like. Pulling it between his lips, he sucks that dick, looking up at Jay as he slides that prick deeper in his throat before reclining on the bed to receive some head from Jay. Working him until Zane’s cock is standing at attention, Jay sucks his length and then turns him around to rim his puckered hole, running his tongue along the tight ring of muscle as Zane’s ass clenches in pleasure.

When that hole is good and wet, dripping with Jay’s saliva, he pulls Zane close and pushes his hard cock into him, filling him up and fucking him as Zane takes each inch of Jay’s stiff member. Jay pounds Zane from behind, doing him doggy style until he climbs on the bed with him and takes that ass from another angle, driving his thick shaft deeper with every thrust. Jay leans forward meeting Zane’s lips for a kiss as he buries himself in Zane’s hole, holding Zane’s legs open as his balls smack against Zane’s ass cheeks until he makes Zane cum all over himself. Jay watches as streams of jizz flow from Zane’s cock and he pulls out to add his own hot cum as he strokes out his load.

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